• A compilation of the entire LSD1 journey by Pi Corp. Thirty full minutes of mind-altered aural insanity compiled with amusing attempts of psychedelic story telling and presented in real, simulated 3D
  • Alan Howarth, Guy Bickel, Brian Risner, Rick Fischer, Pi Corp, Earthman, Cleveland
  • Deeper Into the Void is a high definition, 1920x1080 video file with a stereo soundtrack that requires a compatible computer/playback device as well as the 3D chroma glasses for the full effect.
  • Once upon a time, years before Halloween and the Star Trek movies, there was Earthman.
  • One crisp autumn day at Earthman, there was a very special jam session... not only was it Alan’s very first jam session with a synthesizer, but we all decided to skip the big company party and traverse the sonic universe in orange barrels. This is the story.
  • This is the story of Pi Corp with Alan Howarth, Guy Bickel and Brian Risner.
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